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ries such as the USA and Europe. In the pharmacy of various parts of the United States, lenalidomide price in USA is approximately $21,050 for 28 capsules. A pack of 28 capsules weighs about 2.5 mg.

You can gain discounts on Lenalidomide by the way of insurance and medicare. The pills can be quite expensive if you buy it without private insurance on a monthly basis. Lenalidomide drug costs about $50 every month which is higher than other cancer treatment drugs.

How much does Price of Lenalidomide (Revlimid) in USA?

However, many patients seek out a generic version of Lenalidomide Example: Lenalid 5 mg, Lenalid 10 mg, Lenalid 15 mg, Lenalid 25 mg from India which only costs around $ 50 USD – $ 150 depending on the strength order now, For more information please chat with us.

Lenalidomide Price in USA

Unlike other medicines and drugs, lenalidomide is not available in a generic version. You have to buy the original version from the pharmacy. You can get the reimbursement of the drugs under schemes such as Medicare programs and Medicare advantage plans.

In addition to that, there are several programs and discount drug cards which can provide Lenalidomide at discounted prices.

Lenalidomide (Revlimid) Cost in Egypt

The prices of Lenalidomide drug is approximately 4,500 EGP. There are generic drugs available which you can buy online in Egypt instead of Lenalidomide drug which have lesser prices than the original drug.

Lenalidomide (Revlimid) Cost in Canada

The cost of 28 capsules of Lenalidomide drug in Canada is between $10, 108- $10, 696. The weight of 28 capsules is 15 mg.

Lenalidomide (Revlimid) Cost in India

You can buy India Lenalidomide from us with genuine quality. A pack of 30 capsules of India Lenalidomide costs under 12,000 INR. This pack has a strength of 25 mg.

Certain foundations are also offering copay programs to people who earn low. They give ample facilities such as deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance. These foundations help by paying the medical bills and insurance premiums as well.

What is the cost of chemotherapy in USA and India?

The Revlimid cost of chemotherapy and radiation in the USA is about $12000 per month. In India, the cost of radiation and chemotherapy comes to INR 275,000 and in some cases; it can go up to INR 22, 00,000.

It seems that the lenalidomide price in the USA and the cost of chemotherapy and radiation are somewhat similar. Both are costly and you can choose the one recommended by your doctors. You can choose the insurance plans and other programs to get huge discounts on Lenalidomide capsules.


Lenalidomide cost in India, USA, Malaysia, Egypt

Cancer treatment is becoming costlier day by day. A common man to face a lot of hardships to pay for the hospital bills when he or his family members are diagnosed with cancer. Lenalidomide is a capsule that doctors recommend to cure different types of cancer such as mantle cell lymphoma and myeloma.

Lenalidomide is approved by the FDA. According to a report, the prices of this cancer-curing drug increase every month. It is one of the most expensive drugs in the world for cancer treatment.